Scary Procedure Videos


I decided to put up a one stop shop for scary procedures (they aren’t all scary) to save hunting around every time you have a panic attack about how to do some rare life or limb saving procedure.

If anyone has any other recommend videos, post them in comments and I’ll add them to this page.

Starting with the best presentation I have seen on thoracotomy,


and cricothyroidotomy (scalpel-finger-bougie)

Scalpel Finger Bougie Cricothyrotomy for SMACC 2014 from Scott from EMCrit on Vimeo.

Peri-mortem C-section

and a quick chest tube.

Posterior Circulation Stroke


After a couple of interesting cases recently I came across this article which summarises the current science behind posterior circulation ischaemia and stroke.

There are some nice summaries of anatomy, clinical syndrome and HINTS testing.

There is also a discussion of investigation and management.

Worth a read,

Posterior circulation cerebrovascular syndromes: diagnosis and management