New Policies


Please peruse the two following new policies:

The second is a guide to using the iEMR powerplan prescribing for palliative patients. If your patient is being actively palliated (after discussion with your consultant) please ensure they have adequate PRNs and a NIKI infusion pump if appropriate.

Direct Admission Procedures


There are new procedure documents for Direct Admissions. These reflect what our current process is. They are available on the G Drive and EmergPA. They will be uploaded to the intranet shortly.

The new documents are:

If a specialty has a specific policy (eg. Orthopaedics, General medicine & Cardiology) then this will supersede the generic Direct Admission from the Emergency Department procedure.

RSI Checklist & Failed Airway Algorithm


The PAH ED RSI Checklist and Failed Airway Algorithm have been updated.

These will be both on the wall of the Resus/Procedure Room bays and attached to the side of the Airway Trolleys. 

How you use the checklist will depend on the Clinical Situation, but if you like there will be a laminated copy that you can check with the attached sharpie on the Airway trolley. Clean it off afterwards with an Alcowipe.

TAPNA conference


Just a reminder for everyone that the National Toxicology Conference TAPNA is being held on the Gold Coast this year on May 2 & 3.

Registrations are now open; provisional program is below. It is a great opportunity to hear some national and international toxicologists talk about topics they are passionate about. There is also a full day workshop on Saturday May 4 for those wanting to indulge their inner tox nerd.

Toxicology Teaching Program


Beginning in February 2019 we will run a regular toxicology teaching session on Thursdays. The course will be suitable for trainees and fellows alike and will cover the ACEM syllabus in one hour sessions.

Updates will be posted on the website along with the associated reading material.

The first week will be the approach to the toxicology patient and starts on the 14th of February, so don’t forget to bring flowers and chocolates.

The current schedule can be found here.