New Policies


Please peruse the two following new policies:

The second is a guide to using the iEMR powerplan prescribing for palliative patients. If your patient is being actively palliated (after discussion with your consultant) please ensure they have adequate PRNs and a NIKI infusion pump if appropriate.

Direct Admission Procedures


There are new procedure documents for Direct Admissions. These reflect what our current process is. They are available on the G Drive and EmergPA. They will be uploaded to the intranet shortly.

The new documents are:

If a specialty has a specific policy (eg. Orthopaedics, General medicine & Cardiology) then this will supersede the generic Direct Admission from the Emergency Department procedure.

RSI Checklist & Failed Airway Algorithm


The PAH ED RSI Checklist and Failed Airway Algorithm have been updated.

These will be both on the wall of the Resus/Procedure Room bays and attached to the side of the Airway Trolleys. 

How you use the checklist will depend on the Clinical Situation, but if you like there will be a laminated copy that you can check with the attached sharpie on the Airway trolley. Clean it off afterwards with an Alcowipe.

TAPNA conference


Just a reminder for everyone that the National Toxicology Conference TAPNA is being held on the Gold Coast this year on May 2 & 3.

Registrations are now open; provisional program is below. It is a great opportunity to hear some national and international toxicologists talk about topics they are passionate about. There is also a full day workshop on Saturday May 4 for those wanting to indulge their inner tox nerd.