Research in Emergency Department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital has increased dramatically in the past few years. This is evidenced by publications; a key metric for research. The first peer-reviewed research publication from the Department appeared in the literature in 1983 with 25 more publications to the end of 2005. Over the last decade since then there have been 127 additional peer reviewed publications of which 57 were from January 2014.

The Emergency Medicine Research Program (EMRP) consists of Director of Research (Dr Michael Sinnott), a full-time Academic Research Manager (Dr. Rob Eley), employed by The University of Queensland School of Medicine, 1 full-time Nurse Researchers (James Hughes and Mary Boyde), a clinical research officer (C.J. Cabilan), and a clinical nurse (Chantelle Judge) from the Department employed at 0.4 FTE to participate in research projects. In 2014, the EMRP expanded its capacity with the addition of a Senior System Engineer (Dr. Andy Wong).

The EMRP interests are wide, including clinical outcomes, enhancement of patient and staff safety, departmental process, and continuing professional development for doctors and nurses. The partnership between the ED and its external collaborators, The University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Griffith University remain strong and pivotal in the Program’s success.

More details about the Research Program can be found in this document, which lists research staff, projects, and publications.

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