Collaborating with the Emergency Medicine Research Team

Research Structure

EMRP Research Structure
EMRP Research Structure


The Academic Research Manager (ARM) is a University of Queensland School of Medicine (UQ-SOM) staff member based full-time in the Princess Alexandra Hospital Emergency Department (PAH-ED). The position is jointly funded by UQ-SOM and the Department.

The Nurse Researcher (NR) and Research Officer (RO 0.6 FTE) are Queensland Health positions.

Recent research funding has been sourced from the QEMRF and the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation. For the former the Principal Investigator must be a FACEM (Fellow of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine). The Research Team is supporting researchers in applications not only to these sources of funding but is also identifying additional funding sources.

Research is encouraged from non-clinical disciplines, such as Operational Research and Health Economics, in order to expand the research program within the Department.

Research may be undertaken by PAH-ED alone or in collaboration with external researchers from other departments within the PAH and from other locations, e.g. other Queensland Health hospitals, UQ, QUT.

Research Review Group
The group was established within the context of the EMRP to review research proposals, provide feedback to researchers and make recommendations to the Medical and Nursing Directors. Current members of the RCC are Rob Eley (Academic Research Manager), CJ Cabilan (Clinical Research Officer), Michael Sinnott (Senior Staff Specialist), and Mary Boyde (Nurse Researcher and Educator).

If you are interested in undertaking research with the EMRP team please see the Procedure for Undertaking Research.

EMRP Monthly Meetings
The EMRP holds a Research Meeting in the Departmental Office Training Room 1 (Room 1AC.22.1) on the 4th Thursday of every month from 1300 to 1400 hrs. Departmental research is discussed, however the emphasis of these meetings are presentations by both internal and external speakers. Areas of interest are presented by external speakers from within the health service or university system. Researchers from other departments and external institutions are welcome to attend and those with proposed collaborative research projects are requested to make short presentations.

The EMRP also holds an EMRP Staff Meeting on the third Thursday of each month. The meeting provides the opportunity for Departmental staff to discuss current and proposed research and topics of interest and relevancy.

Use the contact details below if you wish to be notified of the meeting and/or receive an agenda for the next meeting.

Rob Eley (Academic Research Manager): 3176 3672;
Mary Boyde (Nurse Researcher): 3176 7879;
C.J. Cabilan (Clinical Research Officer): 3176 4126;