Medical Student Teaching

Here are some resources for you to peruse during your Emergency Medicine term.

Remember that some things in Emergency Medicine are a little out of order from the usual “ward” style of clinical medicine that you will have learned so far.

Assessment and management are concurrent and not sequential.

Differential diagnoses are usually ordered from common to rare, in Emergency Medicine you need to balance this with the concept of “worst first”.

A patient is better alive and unknown than diagnosed and dead.

Here is a link to some clinical learning tips.

Four Columned Approach to Clinical Learning.

The following presentations are given to students at the end of their Year 4 Critical Care rotation. They can be viewed here and used as part of the study for that term.



Head Injury

Acute Abdomen

Sudden Collapse

Sudden Collapse 2


Shortness of Breath

Snake Bite

CXR Interpretation

Reductions and Backslabs

Cardiac Arrest

Blood Gas Interpretation

Bites and Envenomations



Violence in the ED